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Accepted Papers

ID: 279285

  • Title: Optimization of Nonlinear Temperature Gradient on Eigenfrequency using Metaheuristic Genetic Algorithm for Reinforced Concrete Bridge Structural Health
  • Authors:  Concepcion, Ronnie II, | Ilagan, Lorena

ID: 278618

  • Title: Feasible Human Emotion Detection from Facial Thermal Images
  • Authors:  Oguchi, Kimio

ID: 278406

  • Title: Modeling Structural Characteristics of Porous Powder Materials with Application Models of Casual Two-Dimensional Packaging
  • Authors:  Zabolotnyi, Oleg Povstyanoy | Oleksandr, Rud,Victor

ID: 278235

  • Title: Designing a 6×6 Armoured Personnel Carrier by Applying the Principles of Ergonomic
  • Authors:  Mahfudh, Halim | Zulaihah,Lilik | Arifati, Rifa | Fajriah, Nur

ID: 278227

  • Title: Technology of Obtaining a High-Perfomance Multilayer Powdered Filtering Materials
  • Authors: Zabolotnyi, Oleg

ID: 278166

  • Title: Automated Water Quality Monitoring and Control for Milkfish Pond
  • Authors: Pula, Rolando | Garcia, Shiella Marie | Santos, Cyd Laurence | Briones, Karen Mae | Reyes, Sean Michael | Macasaet, Maurice Alyana

ID: 278076

  • Title: Post-Harvest and Processing Technology Management System for Local Coffee Growers
  • Authors: Buclatin, Willie Castillo

ID: 277717

  • Title: Alphanumeric Test Paper Checker Through Intelligent Character Recognition Using OpenCV and Support Vector Machine
  • Authors: Tolentino, Lean Karlo S. |  Velasco, Jessica S. | Beltran, Anthony Aldrin V. | Alayon, Joie Ann C. |  Maranan, Paul Edgar B. |  Mascardo, Cheza Marie A. | Sombrito, Justine Mae B.

ID: 277658

  • Title: Reinforced Concrete Bridge Structural Health Classification using Hybrid Principal Component Analysis and Artificial Neural Network Approach with Wireless Sensor Network
  • Authors: Concepcion II, Ronnie S. |  Ilagan, Lorena C.

ID: 277608

  • Title: A Web-Based Appointment Scheduling System at Perpetual Help Medical Center Outpatient Department
  • Authors: Pula, Rolando | Mendoza | Sheily, Padpad | Ranzel Cloie | Vael, Amira Jane Vael |  Alcazar, Cindy

ID: 277607

  • Title: Low Cost Automated Rapid Bio Composting with SMS Monitoring System
  • Authors: Garcia, Shiella Marie P. | Santos, Cyd Laurence B. | Dolendo, Dexter | Marquez, Roque, Arvin Marquez | Pula, Rolando Advincula

ID: 276997

  • Title: An Image Processing Application and Image Classification Techniques Evaluation on Quantitative Seagrass Abundance Assessment in Microscale Level
  • Authors: Dellagas, Adrian Aristotle | Milante, Mary France | Prado, Febbie Marylou | Soriano, Referendo | Clores, Michael

ID: 276982

  • Title: Investigation of Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) for Optimal Colored Video Denoising in RGB, HSV, and YUV Color Spaces
  • Authors: Avila, Roy Jonathan | Sabater, Conrad James | Salvino, Angelo Guzman | Soriano, Referendo

ID: 275649

  • Title: Determination of Calcium and pH Level in Urine for Calcium Based Kidney Stone Diagnosis Using Arduino Microcontroller
  • Authors: Pula, Rolando

ID: 269610

  • Title: Servo-Controlled 5-axis 3D Printer from an Open-source Kit
  • Authors: Imbao, Ramon Miguel B. | Corpuz, Dawn Christine P. | Oppus, Carlos M. |  Marinas, Juan Antonio G.

ID: 269162

  • Title: Dispensing Simulation of High Viscosity Fluid in Jetting Dispensing System
  • Authors: Lee, Kwang-Hee |  Lee, Chul-Hee | Lee, Eun-Sang | Kim, Ki-Woo

ID: 268454

  • Title: 3-state Multi Resolution, Multi Frame Rate Algorithm for Multi Target Auto Tracking in PTZ Cameras
  • Authors: Pour Yousefian Barfeh, Davood | Albacea, Eliezer | Mariano, Vladimir

ID: 268197

  • Title: Organic Additives for the Enhancement of Laminar Flow in Brain-vessels-like Micro-Channel Assembly
  • Authors: Abdulbari, Haydera | Heidarinik, Somaye | Ling, Fiona W.M.
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